Emily Schultz & Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart and Emily Schultz are two artists from Edmonton, Alberta who have created a musical journey to be remembered. Combining powerful vocals, guitar, percussion and piano, their intimate sound is driven forward by strong alternative and soul influences, all rooted in an acoustic singer-songwriter style. Their music speaks honestly of the human experience and their onstage energy is truly contagious. Since moving to Toronto, Jordan and Emily have built a following from the ground up, selling out back-to-back renowned Toronto venues within months of each other (Junction City Music Hall, Burdock Music Hall, Rivoli, Supermarket, respectively), primarily based on their original content. They are currently exploring music careers both together and separately, which is evident in their live shows; Schultz is getting ready to hit the studio while Jordan is gearing up to release his debut album, 'Far Too Many Thoughts,' which will be available this summer

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