San Felix

Forever astounded that the neighbours haven't filed a noise complaint, San Felix is Ian Kopp, Brett Frankson, Mark Bell and Nick Tassell. They are an enthusiastic group of young men writing music together in a garage in Victoria, B.C. They are supporting their third EP, Tropic of Self, with live dates across Canada in 2016. If Modest Mouse and the Talking Heads had a fist fight, this band would be the bruises; formed from a host of other Victoria-area acts, San Felix is a sinuous blend of sand-strewn guitar, mirage-conjuring synth and a hook-heavy rhythm section. They are the teenage dream haunted by honest introspection, equal parts jubilation and tension. The energy and pace of their live act catches in gentle lulls and canyon-edge stops, while self-consciously brooding lyrics carve a place in the landscape.

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