Breakfast N Vegas

BREAKFAST N VEGAS is the powerhouse collaboration between industry veterans DJ Yonny and Curtis Austin. DJ Yonny has firmly established his brand over the past decade, traveling the world as an accomplished DJ and producer. DJ Yonny has teamed up with Curtis Austin, an established producer and engineer who's worked with artists such as The Chainsmokers, Tory Lanez, and more. Coming in from different sides of the industry, Yonny and Curtis have combined their talents and experience into their new venture, BREAKFAST N VEGAS. Behind them is a team of accomplished writers, producers, and musicians who've helped curate a sound genuinely unique to BREAKFAST N VEGAS. Their culturally diverse and multi-talented team gives them the ability to sway any music market with ease. In due time, everyone else will be chasing that BREAKFAST N VEGAS sound

Upcoming Events for Breakfast N Vegas

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· Jun · 28 Fri 9:00 pm
La Connexional presents Breakfast N Vegas at Azucar Picante (Edmonton)  on June 28, 2019
La Connexional presents Breakfast N VegasElectronic / Hip Hop / Latin / Pop / R&B

at Azucar Picante
13062 50 St Edmonton, AB T5A 4V9

Tickets: $5.00 earlybird, $15 general admission, $20 at the door
($1.99 e-ticket fee)

Tickets are in stock, but availability may be limited.