Darryl Matthews

A performance by singer-songwriter Darryl Matthews is not only a treat to listen to -- his original songs drive riveting story lines and passionate lyrics -- but it is also a pleasure to watch! His surprising guitar style injects new dimensions of rhythm and melody to the genre that is refreshingly unique, while his delivery is nothing short of energetic.

What led to his interesting twist on guitar playing technique? "I needed to call upon a bunch of different styles of guitar playing, like finger picking, slap guitar, percussion, tapping, and slide guitar, so I could perform all the songs in my catalog. The usual techniques just weren't enough." He relys only on his hands and the help of a harmonica to make a steady beat, while playing guitar and singing.

With an "open to interpretation" story telling ethic, his songs are driven by riveting story lines, and passionate lyrics, which bring together, the best of two worlds. "I love a good story in a song, where you never want it to end. The most riveting songs come from life experiences: tradgedy and the best days of your life."

A native of Ontario, Matthews has just recently began playing across Western Canada. Having been in the Edmonton area for the better part of a year, Matthews has made more than a few heads turn, while people ask "how does he do that?"

You simply can't just sit and listen to Darryl Matthews play - you have to get out of your seat and watch what he does. With his energetic and refreshingly unique style, Matthews' talent is clearly apparent, and destined to underwrite a successful and rapid climb through the Canadian music scene. This guy deserves attention!

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