Unwed Mothers

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Unwed Mothers is a four piece blues-rock outfit from Edmonton, Alberta. The group came together in the summer of 2012 and haven’t slowed down since. The band delivers a gritty, aggressive style that boasts power-house vocals, heart shaking beats, and power-house vocals.

The release of their debut album in the Spring of 2013 was met with glowing response from Blues Rock Review (US) and Indie Bands Blog (UK) along with being featured in multiple blog websites and in local new media. With the single “Skeletons” and B-side “Slow” showing the flexibility in style and impressive lyricism the band gave their audience a strong introduction to the band and set the tone for their unique style. After showcasing at Canadian Music Week 2013 in Toronto Unwed Mothers embarked on their first tour across Western Canada showing new fans a high energy live show that incorporated material off the album and a plethora of new songs expected to be recorded and released over the next year.

A powerful voice in an often repetitive sea of female fronted music, Unwed Mothers is claiming their place as a creative force to be reckoned with. This is a new sound that you do not want to miss.

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