The Pretty Dirt

The Pretty Dirt officially formed in 2012. Initially the band was a 3 piece for a short time comprised of former band mates, Tracy Martin and Natasha Stepaniuk, and Adam Losey. They became a 4 piece in 2013 when Mike Evjen joined the trio. Their endless search for the "right" bass player finally ended in 2014 when Darren Phillips was added as the fifth member of the band. In the winter of 2015/16, Tracy stepped down as lead vocalist and the search began. After a few auditions "the Pretty Dirt" found their new lead in Christine Ledig. Their genre of music is best categorized as Rock with their strong back beat and guitar driven sound, but there is raw gritty edge to their sound that infuses elements of punk, funk, and blues. Add some smooth vocals, melodic leads, and sweet back-up harmonies you have the band's musical essence, their namesake- The Pretty Dirt. While they are predominantly a cover band they have been incorporating same quality originals into their repertoire. They have a rare band chemistry and positive energy that is highly contagious to their audiences making their live shows nothing but Good Times and Good Vibrations for all. Check them out!

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