Songwriter, Music Artist, Producer, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Videographer Born & raised in Slave Lake, AB until the age of 14, then moved to Edmonton, AB where he currently resides. Self-taught on guitar, drums & bass since the age of 10, he always had a passion & love for music. Grew up listening to a wide range of music in all genres from Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Hip-hop, Blues, Pop, R & B. During the early teenage years, Nirvana & Metallica were a major influence as well as Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & Tupac, among many others. While growing up, had a few friends throughout the years that were aspiring artists, which encouraged him to pursue his passion in music. After years of just observing friends, he decided to start writing his own lyrics and making music of his own. After recording his first song in a friend's studio in 2010, he felt the urge to learn the recording side as well. Taking in the tips & tricks of some good friends, he went out & bought some equipment from Long & Mcquade & started setting up his basement into his own recording studio. After investing a lot of his time & money into making music, he has become a pro at mixing & editing his own songs & has started doing the same for others.

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