Guinea Pig

Ryan Stock became fascinated with magic at an early age and quickly developed his skills as a magician. He soon moved on from simple tricks to performing amazing feats like fire-eating and fire-breathing. Ryan brings a one-of-a-kind presentation - an ability to make painful stunts palatable and entertaining for audiences. By constantly studying and researching the scientific explanation behind the inner workings of the stunts he performs and creates, Ryan has developed an extraordinary control over his body, which allows him to swallow swords, regurgitate, insert objects into and through his nasal cavities, demonstrate unusually high pain tolerance and much more.

AmberLynn Walker began her entertainment career in 1997 as a magician's assistant. Her unnatural flexibility made her the perfect candidate to be "cut in half". Her outgoing personality and artistic flair brought her to the world of street performing where she met Ryan Stock - the pair then joined up to create "Insane Entertainment" and they've been unstoppable ever since.

AmberLynn performs an impressive array of tricks including contortion, balloon swallowing, fire breathing, pierce weightlifting, foot torture and skill shots with a bull whip. Always on the hunt for new stunts, she continues to add to her amazing repertoire.

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