Claudia Santiago

Claudia Santiago, Chilean born, Canadian, is an international entertainment industry professional. Who would have known a child cowering in fear through a civil war and then in later years overcoming a life threatening disease to arise as an exceptional international talent, impacting so many lives!

As an international recording artist, speaker, writer, producer and entrepreneur she has impacted many audiences on live stages and media such as television, radio, print and various forms of social media and broadcasting and film.

Claudia Santiago’s desire is to not only bring her gifts and talents as an entertainer to impact lives, but to serve to raise up others to the fullness of their destiny through her VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS network and systems Claudia impacts various spheres of society and the lives of many through one on one and group relationships, live events, television, radio, productions and multimedia communications.

Claudia is an invited special guest for media interviews, and appearances at other organization, and corporate events. Claudia Santiago loves spending time with her family and community. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is available for interviews and bookings. For more about Claudia, VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS and Live Events, please visit

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