Ryan Stock & Amber Lynn

Ryan Stock is a Canadian based TV stunt man from Edmonton, Alberta who has a show on the Discovery Channel called "Guinea Pig". Stock and his fiancée Amber Lynn Walker travel around Canada and the United States and perform stunts which involve electrocution, automobile crashes, and intentional poisoning. The Guinea pig show is no longer in production but may still air in some countries. Stock became fascinated with magic at an early age and quickly developed his skills as a magician. He soon moved on from simple tricks to performing feats such as fire-eating and fire-breathing. Ryan Stock is also the creator and originator of several sideshow stunts performed around the world. Notably, his signature piece created in the year 2000 entitled "The Human MeatHead". This stunt involves forcing a large meat hook into his nose and out his mouth, from which he then hangs weight (up to 70 lbs) from the hook.

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