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Liam Trimble

Did it begin in Winnipeg on some pallid Handyside Avenue afternoon, when clambering from out of the sound hole of his father's disused Yamaha FG series, Liam Trimble began weakly to pluck? For those first few months his parents boasted to any open ears that he had 'taken quite a shining to the guitar' and family and acquaintances alike would size the boy up and wonder aloud whether they meant he had begun to play the thing or could just really make it luster with a rag and some good wax. A little later, during those first few after school rehearsals; sequestered to damp basement corners - hidden in behind old camping equipment and boxes of discarded toys - the mashing of eleven year old fingers on bruising steel and the clumsy thud-slap of a beginner's drum set carved out those first primeval grooves. Was that the spark? It couldn't have been that first public performance, an undercooked recital of some effete guitar-piano duet that left one gymnasium full of junior high students looking for more yet yearning for the conclusion, eventually bringing their clammy hands together in a weak drizzle of applause as Liam burned red and made for the exit. The better part of the following decade was spent in reform, at the great drawing board, hugging that same guitar and sketching out piece after piece of some elusive symphony. Emerging years later in Edmonton, when it could be said the true dawning of his career occurred, an exciting event came to pass. Stepping onto the stage with a crack team of assassins, they jabbed out their first chords as Illfit Outfit and gazes lifted. Ears certainly opened, but most spectacularly, limbs began to move! The music was occurring and the people were dancing. The experiment was a success, the formula was solid gold. From that moment, the boy dedicated himself to the pursuit of beauty in euphonics. Liam Trimble composes pop and aims to please.

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