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Alex Vissia

With roots in the country and folk traditions of songwriting, Alex Vissia (VISS-ee-uh) manages to keep a steady gaze on lyricism while moving beyond the constraints of a single genre. “Folk-rock I suppose you would call her... yet it seems like there is a ‘rocker chick’ inside her somewhere, maybe just a swig of whiskey away.”

The first thing you will notice about Alex is her voice. She can draw you in like a whisper and shake your soul, all in the same breath. She captures you with the way she weaves her words, but with the crunch of a chord, she’ll just as easily drive you back out to sea. Deliberate, sentimental, sometimes moody, and often bittersweet, Alex writes songs that are noticeably personal. You will want to sit– volume up, lights low– and really listen. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t move you. Because she will.

Since the release of her debut album (A Lot Less Gold; November 2011), Alex has been touring Western Canada steadily, having performed upwards of 100 dates in just over a year. From the lush greenery of Vancouver Island, to the wide prairie skies of Manitoba, Alex has been receiving praise for her powerhouse vocals and lyrical prowess.

Alex releases her next record May 2013. The six-song project entightledYoung Love will feature three original songs as well as three re-arranged classics. It’s more laid back than A Lot Less Gold, with more weight in the sound, grit on the Gretsch, and confidence in the vocals. If A Lot Less Gold is a full-bodied glass of red, then Young Love is closer to a heart-wrenching swig of whiskey. Drink up.

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