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Well in case you don't know me, or you can't tell by the tracks, I love to DJ. Nothing is better than getting behind those turntables, dropping some beats, and watching the crowd dance there hearts out to your music. Knowing that one person out there could of had the worst week ever and your music can make all the crap in there life go away, even for an instant. That's the magic of music. The magic of being a DJ.

If anyone has ever told you that playing the turntables is not an instrument, they have never tried. Just like any other instrument it takes time and practice to get to a level where you can be confident enough to play in front of a crowd. It's not simple and you truly have to love your music. My genre of choice is u.k hardcore, not happy hardcore. It might not be your favorite, but hey that's what I love to play.

I am an addict. You have to be. You don't have a choice. The addiction feeds you, drives you. You cant sleep, eat or breath without wanting more. More records, more songs, more music. That's all you think about. It's on your mind, in your blood, singing in your ears. Everywhere you go, you have a beat playing. It's a constant rhythm in your life making you feel happy. If you do not feel this way, you were never meant to be a DJ.

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