Tomb and the Dead Language

"Let's do something just totally deranged. Let's record our first album live. Right in front of everybody."

TOMB and the Dead Language does not shy away from danger, and what could possibly be more dangerous than recording an entire album in a situation where Murphy's Law is the only law? Along with friends from Edmonton, prog rockers The Universe Machine, as well as Vancouver hip hop enigmas Roach and Wettworker, this genre-bending event is not to be missed.

Debuting completely new material as well as an intense new stage set-up, TOMB and the Dead Language will be showing off as much of their visceral, alarming and explosive personality as possible. With a range of influences including Alexisonfire, Deftones and Converge and a singular mission to make an impact wherever they go, TOMB and the Dead Language is a force of nature that demands to be felt as much as heard; with subject matter that includes themes of anxiety, depression, personal struggle and triumph all packed into a 40 minute performance which is sure to crush skulls on impact.

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