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Is a member of: SOSFest 2010
The Wheat Pool

For a band frequently described as ‘driving music’, collisions would be something to steer clear of. However, the formula for a new record seemed ironically hidden inside the collision of many opposing forces.

Hauntario is the sophomore recording by this western Canadian indie-alt-country band, an evolved collection of songs brimming with the layered tensions of their lives, played out between albums.

The record itself was named for two colliding concepts that continued to bubble to the surface. Robb Angus tells us “From the very beginning, the first songs possessed a haunting quality, dark subject matter and melodies that wouldn’t get out of our heads.” Guitarist Glen Erickson adds, “Ontario wouldn’t go away, as a lyric, as a destination, or as the home base in our industry. For a western band it remains a necessary evil, a difficult girlfriend to win over, yet on a different level it possessed so much of what we love about our country.” Both ideas worked, and the concept crystallized on a recent eastern tour, while the album was being mixed.

Despite entertaining numerous production options, Hauntario was made with the same production team that helped TWP achieve “Township”, their 2007 debut, which carved an immediate niche with fans and radio for its unique song-writing and amped-up canadiana. (Earshot top50, CBC Radio 3 top10)

Hauntario continues where “Township” left off, with noticeable alternations between the brothers’ songs, dynamic exchanges between swells and whispers, rock and roots. The familiar influences remain, while more obvious impressions made by current indie flavours have put their mark on the new songs. Pedal steel, organ and piano continue to wash around the band’s foundational guitar-driven delivery, with the signature blend of vocals taking a greater share of the spotlight.


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