Montreal's Acid Bunny recorded High School Fantasy in 2009 – the title alone, tells us this is no ordinary jazz CD. Acid Bunny's release is the first CD project that was conceived and produced entirely by MacEwan's label using an artist share model, and provided collaboration with faculty of several of Montreal's top learning institiutions.

In 2013, JN felt the urge to go forward with a new project that could help him to grow both as a trombone player and a composer. Something new, a small ensemble maybe ... Something simple but complex at the same time ... The goal was to play music doubt an fear and to be completely free with his artistic choices, at all tunes. So, the trio format seemed totally appropriate to help him reach, or, at least maybe, get a bit closer to his goal.

Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, was chosen for his musicality, his constant attention and virtuosity. It's the same for the great Rich Irwin, with his amazing sense of rhythm and shape.

So the three together = Acid Bunny.

Jean-Nicolas Trottier : Trombone
Rémi-Jean Leblanc : Acoustic Bas
Rich Irwin : Drums

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