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Awesome Color

Awesome Color is a power trio updated for the 2060's, noise provocateurs and impressionists, ace players with punk rock flair, inspired citizens of a small modernist nation of musical, visual, and literary outrage on the outskirts of Brooklyn, or a rainbow amalgam of all of the above at once.

With an upcoming fall tour with Dinosaur Jr., and plans for a second album imminent, 2007-2008 promises to be a banner year for New York City's mightiest and most inspired rock band. The fix is in.

The bandmates met in Michigan, but later tripped into each other again through skateboarding in NYC and found a three-headed vision of slamming yet surprisingly poppy astral hard-rock blues straight from the post millennial acorn. Played to the hilt with volume and commitment to emotion and adventure, they continue into the third year of their New York-based surreal rock odyssey coming to a psychic city or town near you.

In late 2004 Michael Awesome (nee Troutman) and Allison Awesome (nee Busch) made their way to New York City looking to play music and try something new, reconnecting with fellow Michigan expatriates and Awesome Derek (nee Stanton). From the get go the music they played was filled with apposite qualities, somehow evocative of big city electricity, sunny days in concrete places and broad prehistoric valleys filled with firelight and beautiful music. Ecstasy and trouble live side by side, and are both available around the corner. Clashing tastes and ideas somehow are resolved within the harsh light of the enigmatic and volatile universe they share in the practice womb. Songs were conjured communally in great outpourings, as they left behind the smoke-filled trenches of the Michigan hard-core and rock and blues scenes to make their declaration of independence. The sound quickly caught on with a generation of bohos and skaters looking for something woollier than the manicured punk that was the New York norm then. They caught the attention of Ecstatic Peace general Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth guitarist/vocalist who quickly recruited them for his worldwide noise network.

Tightly constructed bottle rockets battle furiously with longer jamming soundscapes on the first album, from the full tilt abandon of "Its Your Time" and "Grown" to the long walk home on a cold winter's night that is "Animal", the songs carry a signature sound of Derek and Michael's guitars, resurrecting the once exhausted languages of sludge, drone, and biting blues wanderlust, like Chuck Berry and B.B. King grown up on art-rock and Kurt Cobain. Every transcendent band has a soul, and Allison, the baby of the group and arguably its most reckless skateboarder, keeps the band tight and on the mark with her inspired pounding, pushing the others to take on new directions and scale greater heights in performance.

On tour as members of the Ecstatic Peace Keepers they often feel their hearts are at sea when they are criticized by other musicians, clergy, or townsfolk.

"Look, I believe in what the Ecstatic Peace keepers do totally otherwise I wouldn't be here," Michael said. "But sometimes when I'm walking down the street and somebody tells me they don't want noisacracy, I say, 'what are we doing?'"

"If the music thing doesn't pan out I figure we'll be lawyers and teachers and help people learn to sue people and read," Allison said shrugging.

"Ecstatic Peace has a good tuition reimbursement program and I only have to stay in Afghanistan for a week making noise for it."

Let the rest be a mystery, except that they believe in sharing, fighting for what you believe in, and like the true skaters they are, they get right back up when they fall down. When they go gray they WILL go country and play the first residency at the inaugural Bally's Lunar Casino, which should come on line within the next 15 to 30 years.

"Sometimes I am scared during the noise wars," Derek concluded. "But look: Nobody asked me to sign. Quite frankly not everyone wants to deal with making noise and fighting the rock war."

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