Sam Chimes

Hip Hop has been identified as a style of music and as a culture. Rap is the lyrical flow that a musician, rapper, poet, or what have you, lays over top of the music rhythmically. It has come a long way since it first began and, although some believe Hip Hop to be dead, it is in fact just in an evolutionary process.

This is half the story and sound of Chimes. "Becoming" is Chimes, mixing Hip Hop sounds with that of Jazz sounds, which is the foundation that Hip Hop was birthed from.

Jazz has its roots in the fusion of African and European music. Heavy emphasis has been placed on such techniques as improvisation, which is the essence of expression without preparation.
Improvisation: The Expression of Freedom. Improvisation is central to Jazz-Hop.

Though Hip Hop (and even Jazz at some point) has been labelled as a renegade's music, it is simply an expression of freedom through the evolution of sound. The expression of freedom is the sound of Chimes.

The expression of freedom is the movement that all reach to embrace. Experience the freedom. Experience Chimes.

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