The Shrine

"You're hangin' in front of your local pizza spot and a sketchy white van pulls up blasting loud music. There's smoke trailing out of the rear window and you think you see your little sister in the back. A disheveled gang of longhairs piles out, consumes an unimaginably large quantity of pizza and as soon as they arrived they are gone.

The Shrine's Primitive Blast takes you inside that van. It's a van full of smoke, sweat, Marshall amps, skateboards, and all things heavy. Sonically speaking, Primitive Blast fuses the wilder riffs of your dad's LP collection with the fury of a punk show getting busted by the cops. However, this is no exercise in nostalgia. The lessons from the past have been learned and labels like punk, hard rock, and heavy metal have been transcended and rendered obsolete. The band refers to their sound simply as Psychedelic Violence.

The Shrine are young, backyard pool-shredding, acid-dropping Californians. Primitive Blast is the follow up the their self-titled self-release (which was produced by local hero Dave Jones and the notorious Chuck Dukouski). If you and your rag-tag group of riff-raff friends are planning a road trip to Humboldt County to "score", this is the album you need to be listening to on the way. This Shrine is Josh Landau on guitar/vocals, Court Murphy on bass, and Jeff Murray on Drums. Dig It." -Harley Rother

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