Funk Velvet

Funk Velvet is an energetically groovy trio of young and hip artists, based out of Edmonton, AB, who generally play funk, but who often delve into a variety of other tasty genres such as jazz, swing, R&B, blues, rock and what ever else floats their boat. The group was started in 2009 by Nico Humby and Federico Sacchi, and evolved over the years to become a trio composed of Nico Humby, Taylor Rault and Gareth Gilliland. Taylor and Gareth played together in the Littlebirds Big Band at the Yardbird Suite, where they grew to become strong and technically accomplished jazz musicians. Funk Velvet began writing songs inspired by groups such as Led Zeppelin, the Meters and various others spanning over a variety of genres. Over the years, they have hosted and played several concerts at Cha Island and they regularly perform Saturday mornings at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market.

"Audible Chocolate." - Zach Lewis

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