Pirate Soul

Close your eyes and let the soft crash of waves fill your ears, and the fresh smell of salt-water flow through you. Feel the warm sun shine on your face, and smile. Pirate Soul is emerging alias of Nick Mazerolle, and it is the beach that moves him and his music. Hailing from Canada's biggest small island on the East Coast, he is hitting the road in a cross-continental quest to experience the other ocean-side.

Steady rhythms and mellow melodies are Pirate Soul's raison-d'etre, and the new sounds coming from his collection of instruments have influences from many a place. Having been the front man and songwriter for New Brunswick's Weak Size Fish – 7 pieces of funky reggae boogie jams since 2005, Mazerolle is ready to groove on to the beat of his own drum...a stomp box. Add some happy uke strums, the smooth slides of a lap steel, and words from the soul, and you are home. Pirate Soul has had the privilege and utter joy to have shared the stage with Matt Costa, FM Hi Low and Oh No Theodore!. Pirate Soul will be sailing across North America's highways, through the trees and over the hills, dipping into lakes and rivers and spreading light to guide him on his journey...the Quest for the Pacific.

Pirate Soul and his own band of gypsies will be hitting up public meeting spaces and private havens across the nation before they make a swoop down to the California coast, so be sure to come together and feel alright. We'll make it possible for you track of our whereabouts so you know where to meet us; we'll be the ones with a smile and one hand waving free.

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