The Plain Janes (formerly the Vissia Sisters) are quite the opposite of what the name suggests.  Far from plain, this group of young women are creating a buzz with their rootsy brand of folk music.  Drawing on influences from bluegrass, country, rock, and everything in between, the Plain Janes offer an acoustic sound that is very much  their own.

Since their establishment as a unit in the fall of 2000, the ladies have shown significant growth in their ability to capture the listener and engage an audience.  From insightful lyrics to catchy melodies, every song has its own presence; each being evidently distinct from one to the next, but for one universal element: eloquent three-part harmony vocals.  If The Plain Janes are said to possess a trademark, that would be it.

With two Canadian Folk Music Awards nominations and a Canadian Country Music Awards showcase under their belts, the Plain Janes have steadily been covering ground over the past five years.  Having played such acclaimed events as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, these multi-instrumentalists have been gathering recognition wherever they go.

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