Sara Rénélik

Sara Rénélik, Montreal-born singer-dancer-choreographer of Haitian origin is a unique and versatile artist recognized for a constant quest of originality and depth. Dance and Music have always been her principal inspirations and her best and only possible ways of communication. First driven by dance at an early age, she creates and performs this medium through most of her teens as choreographer and dancer for Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, Cinoque Films, Summit of Americas 2001 etc. It is through her many travels and encounters that she discovers her voice. Performing as a back up singer or lead vocalist, she participates to many large-scale Canadian projects (Yaya Diallo, Rude Luck, Eval Manigat & Tchaka, Harold Faustin, Joël H. Ferron & Yves Décary).

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