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Named after a Latin word meaning “warlike, to bear arms or armor” Armifera is old school thrash metal aggression tempered with modern progressive melody. The influence of the Bay Area thrash movement of the early 90’s is brought to life through a mixture of clean & heavy vocals, progressive riffs and unyielding tempos.

The band’s writing reflects their views of modern day politics and the importance of freedom. Inspired by stories of power struggles, deception and elite societies orchestrating world events, their debut album 'Eradication' (released 2013) is loaded with anthems about the ongoing battle for dominion over the masses. The title track is a straight up in your face anthem on the brutality of war and total devastation. The song chosen for their first official video “Iron Entities” tells the true story of a WW2 tank battle between Allied and Nazi forces.

But to really experience Armifera, you need to see the band live. Here is what others have said about us:

"I love the band’s unpredictability, speed and, of course, showmanship. Armifera’s rhythm section has a brilliant arrangement of influences from the brutal stylings of Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse to the mathematical and technical rhythms found in Tool and prog-era Rush." - April 5, 2013

“Canada already has a name for producing quality technical acts since times immemorial … here comes an act to provide not only a worthy competition to the perennial champions Voivod, but to also claim a firm spot at technical thrash metal greatness on the world metal map for its homeland.”

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