Alana Levandoski

The School of Song Presents Veteran Instructor Alana Levandoski "Here is a young woman who is a lyrical visionary, and destined to become one of the most important singer-songwriters of her age." - Alan Cackett, Editor, Maverick Magazine, UK Since the beginning of her recording career, Manitoba native Alana Levandoski has been seen by peers and industry professionals as a "real deal" songwriter, garnering the respect of many of the greatest writers and players in music. Possessing natural instincts and dedication, Alana has earned her stripes as a significant contributor to songwriting as a craft. Artists such as Heather Bishop, Jay Semko (Northern Pikes), Linda Rocheleau, Sylvia Tyson, Katy Bowser and Kenny Hutson (Nashville) have covered Alana's songs and she has a co-writing relationship with Gary Nichols (The Steeldrivers), Colin Cripps, Mark Simos (Alison Krauss, Berklee), Jim Photoglo (Fishin' in the Dark), Murray Pulver (Doc Walker) and Russell Broom among many others. Levandoski recorded her second album, Lions and Werewolves, with Liverpool producer and triple Grammy winner Ken Nelson who produced the first three Coldplay records. Ken flew to Manitoba in the dead of winter to make the project saying "I'm here for the songs." Levandoski finished that project at the legendary Parr St Studios in Liverpool, using the same piano Chris Martin played on some of Coldplay's most famous recordings. Alana also has a long history of touring particularly Canada, Europe, the US and the United Kingdom with such acts as Carlene Carter, Bruce Cockburn, Blue Rodeo, Kevin Welch, Dar Williams, Tanya Tucker, Corb Lund, Lynn Miles, etc. This powerful songwriting force has released albums on Rounder Records and EMI and her early works are published by Brycemoor Music out of Toronto. After years of touring, networking and recording, literally around the world, Alana has relocated to Edmonton, Alberta where she has teamed up with with Rhea March to form the School of Song. Alana's passion for mentoring young artists in songwriting and business, matches Rhea's immutable passion for mentoring young artists as performers. Alana knows the pitfalls and joys of the music business and possesses imperative knowledge for artists who are interested in career longevity, in becoming better songwriters, better performers and better entrepreneurs. "I believe wholeheartedly in the mentorship model," says Levandoski. "I've played many of the most famous stages around the world, I've met my heroes, and my songs have taken me across oceans, but my heart is in building the craft, confidence and inner beauty within the talent of tomorrow." Alana was recently the guest professional at Berklee College of Music for the Advanced Lyric Writing Class and is writing a memoir about her five month music pilgrimage from Newfoundland to New Orleans in 2011. "Alana is a songwriter's songwriter. I have great respect for her as a friend and artist." Steve Bell "Hear her music once and become a fan for life." - Jann Arden

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