KEN Mode

Known for effortlessly blending noise rock reminiscent of old-school Amphetamine Reptile bands with the raw and aggressive nature of modern hardcore, KEN Mode has become one of the most devastating bands in the underground. Formed in September of 1999, this crushing Canadian trio has released 3 full-length records. KEN Mode are no strangers to the road; with full tours, many times over, spanning Canada, the United States, and Europe with the likes of Pelican, daughters, the End, Engineer, Buried Inside, Gaza and Taint; and various regional dates with Mastodon, Burnt By The Sun, Baroness, Cursed, 3 Inches of Blood, PsyOpus, Propagandhi, Despised Icon, Razor, and Ion Dissonance, to name a few; 2011 is poised to be the year of KEN Mode's divide and conquer strategy in aggressive music.

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