Darryl Saves Lives

Heavily influenced by bands like Sloan, The Offspring, PUP and Chon, Darryl Saves Lives is an Edmonton-based alternative rock band whose songs move from chill indie to intense rock. With interesting songs, great onstage chemistry and exceptional musicianship, Darryl Saves Lives offers an energetic alt-rock experience. No lives will be saved…but some ears may be sacrificed!

Upcoming Events for Darryl Saves Lives

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· Mar · 26 Thu 8:00 pm
The Buckingham presents Darryl Saves Lives & others at The Buckingham (Edmonton)  on March 26, 2020
at The Buckingham
10439 82 Ave Edmonton, AB T6E 2A1

Tickets: $10.00 in advance
($1.99 e-ticket fee)

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