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Joshua David

In his own words:

Native Tongues and native tongue inspired groups became a staple lasting to this day. Over the next few years I surrounded myself with friends who had a similar taste and we organized into a crew called VAST…standing for various things from ‘visual audio skateboard technicians to visualize and show truth to “the virgin assembly of the sexually timid.”’ Fun…it was all about fun… beautiful….trying to break dance, do graffiti, scratch, and freestyle….anything to emulate a culture we had only ever heard about.

Then came the collective, Stillife. Inclusion and exclusion aside, the shows were a blast. Most of the time performed over beats on tape. Cafes, raves, bars, punk shows, house parties anywhere we could plug in or be heard was lovely. Then came the move to Vancouver. Stillife split into two groups: Fatkamp and The DeepEndAnts while remaining the Stillife Family. While still maintaining fragile friendships a few shows were rocked here and there. A few records compiled. A nervous breakdown later, I ended up in Edmonton and gradually spent more and more time making beats and a few rhymes here and there on my own.

Missing home and not at the same time…..trying to balance a relationship, graffiti, and music, eventually led to where I am today.

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