DJ Queerbait

For the past seven years, QB has been collecting music like a hoarder to build an established musical library – 12,000 songs strong and growing. His collection includes something for every taste – classical, jazz, country, blues, funk, r&b, disco, metal, pop, rap, new wave, latin, top 40 dance, dubstep – the list of genres continues to grow.
Queerbait has played at posh hotels, community halls, wedding tents during thunderstorms, airplane hangars, steamboats, bank branch openings, small outdoor music festivals, swimming pools, freemason lodges, elementary school gyms, rooftop patios and house parties.

His well-rounded musical knowledge and posterior caught the attention of the organizers of FruitLoop - an Edmonton-based LGBTQ event where our city’s diverse community of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transfolk, queers, two-spiriteds, straights, allies, cherries and berries can mix, mingle and have fun. FruitLoop approached him to DJ their event and asked that he create a gay-themed name, hence the name DJ QueerBait.
The inaugural FruitLoop event was held in May 2013 at the Yellowhead Brewery and was a huge success. Drag queens performed routines, money was raised for LGBTQ charities, the venue had record-breaking sales, and it was all topped off with a four-hour, Queerbait dance party. FruitLoop continued every month until November, at which time, the brewery had to open an extra section to accommodate the huge crowd that had waited in line outside – in winter, nonetheless!

On top of DJing, Queerbait is now recording and producing dance music with local drag queens, most notably with HomoCidal’s up and coming star, Lilith Fair. There will be more FruitLoop events happening in 2014 and QB will be branching out to DJ for even more queer community organizations.
Stay ‘tuned’!

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