Sc Mira

Halloween night. A vacant warehouse. Music blasting. Ms. Mia Wallace, a woman with a needle in her chest, meets Mr. Planet Hollywood, a man in a tacky red suit. Pulp Fiction meets feigned pomp. Sc meets Tyler Wagar.

The unorthodox union, born of fake blood and abandoned asylum lighting, would become Winnipeg-rooted indie-rock outfit Sc Mira. Originating first with Sc and a handful of her songs, Sc Mira officially became a duo when Wagar was tapped to lend his producer’s touch to the material, but instead found himself magnetically drawn to it and, more importantly, its potential. “It was that voice,” he says, citing Sc’s unmistakable delivery – quivering, delicate, simultaneously sweet and sinister. Their bond as artistic outcasts has since become unbreakable.

Sc Mira’s musical tapestry is a seamless weaving of folk, alt-country, rock, and indie pop. Their upcoming debut EP, Waiting Room Baby, showcases simple but savory instrumentation framing and keeping focus on Sc’s voice and poetry. The overall product on record is sweet but haunting, bold but brittle. Live, though, those same songs are injected with energy and rise with the fervor and ferocity of Frankenstein’s monster.

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