Max Ravitz is an accomplished designer of sounds and a composer of murky, melodic electronic music designed to elicit movement in the body. For the past several years, Ravitz has been a fixture in New York's punk-ish world of do-it-yourself house and techno, releasing a steady stream of records (under his own name or in duos Inhalants, Masks, or Pulpo, but most frequently under his own legerdemain-styled solo moniker, Patricia) on labels like Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S.

A lifelong musician, Ravitz grew up on the fundamentals (piano, guitar, clarinet) but developed a heartfelt love of electronic music when he was gifted a set of turntables at a young age. Not long after, he had saved up for an Akai MPC-1000, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back -- the same decades-old MPC-1000 remains a foundational piece of his music-making process and touring kit today, its parts having since been replaced many times over. These days he can be found tooling and retooling his modular synthesizers, a process that allows him to hone closely in on his own idiosyncratic sound design.

As Patricia, Ravitz produces shrewd dance music for the wallflower set. There's an elegance and an understatedness to his productions that belies their fundamental function as body music -- big-room techno this is not, but Patricia's works will whip crowds into a frenzy just the same. Presented by Spectral Sound in collaboration with Ravitz's own label Active Cultures, Several Shades of the Same Color runs the full gamut: a triple-LP 90-minute journey through diverse moods, tempos, styles, and sounds, featuring crystalline ambient, old-school electro, sub-aquatic house, slo-mo dub techno, and everything in between.

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