Lisette Xavier

"I was forced into piano lessons at the age of 5, only to quit 3 years later. My reason was simple; I didn't want to play someone else's music."

Lisette Xavier is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has found a way to write pop music with depth and substance. Lisette has taken a step away from the generic 'happy love song' epidemic and finds inspiration through her endless ambition and sometimes tragic experiences. Often taking on a dark undertone, her songs are a reminder that even in our darkest moments we are not alone.

"...there is the sense that something special is at hand here, like an aura of impending greatness transcending the obvious musical talent and charm."

A born and raised Calgarian, Lisette was introduced to piano at the young age of five. By her eighth birthday, she was composing original pieces and beginning her journey as a vocalist. After years of experimentation with various bands and groups, she took the leap in 2013 and began her journey as a solo artist.

"Lisette has the rare ability to connect with her audiences using her charisma and music, which has a way of making her performances feel less like a show, and more like a gathering of old friends."

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