The Bros. Landreth

Born to a musical family, both Landreth brothers took to the craft early and quickly. Joey played the guitar before he could speak and Dave experimented with every instrument in the house before eventually settling comfortably on his Dad’s old Fender P-Bass. Their father, much respected songwriter and side-man, Wally Landreth, was an institution in his own right in the Winnipeg music scene where the boys were raised and began to pay their own dues. Wally toured the continent as a musician and developed a wealth of experience that he would pass on to his two young sons. Almost prophetically, in his early teenage years, Joey followed in his father’s footsteps as a working freelance musician. He was touring across the country and playing nightclubs while he was still finishing high school. In no time Joey quickly amassed a star-studded resumé. He has since toured and recorded with One More Girl, The Wyrd Sisters, Dallas Smith, Deric Ruttan, Steve Bell, and most recently with Juno and CCMA winners, Doc Walker. Meanwhile, his older brother Dave took a similar approach and set to work developing a reputation for his simple and solid bass playing. He’s extensively toured North America, Europe, and Australia with such Canadian talent as Romi Mayes, Chris Carmichael, and indie-pop group, Imaginary Cities. To complete the band The Bros. have called on drummer and long-time musical cohort: Ryan “Rhino” Voth (Del Barber, Fred Penner, The New Lightweights). A child-hood friend, he’s grown up playing and working with both Landreths, together and separate, in an innumerable combination of musical outings.

All three hail from the sprawling southern Manitoban prairies and they are fiercely proud to call Winnipeg home. “We’re at the epicenter of this great artistic hub, smack dab in the middle of the coldest place in the known universe.” Dave playfully exaggerates. “We have to write and play just to stay warm half the year... It becomes a creative incubator – a survival technique.” The end product of these exercises in self-preservation are The Bros. Landreth’s songs.

They are alt-country road maps that are sometimes auto-biographical – hinting at the fallout of a life as a touring musician, and occasionally fictional – exploring melancholy themes of love gone bad and love gone worse. They leave the esoteric behind in favor of delivering their stories simply and never letting their road-proven musicality stand in the way of the songs speaking for themselves. The result; an undeniable vulnerability in the plain spoken narratives, songs that weave a heart on your sleeve tale of finding your way through love and heart-ache.

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The Bros. Landreth
The Bros. LandrethBlues / Country / Rock

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