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Young James

A back yard campfire became the igniting flame in the creation of Young James. In 2001, the line-up that now forms the band was spread out across Canada pursuing various musical careers. In 2006, after relocating to their home province of Saskatchewan at nearly the same time, Davy James and T.C. Young found themselves as neighbours. Both musicians had been long time admirers of each other's song writing. The two began sharing musical ideas around the campfire in their back yards. James and Young soon employed the talents of T.C.'s brother, Brett who had also recently relocated his home five blocks away. The three began work in T.C.'s studio, emerging months later with a ten song self titled album in 2008.

Young James' second release (March 2012) is an 11 song collection entitled "Cruel Times". The album's content is the group's interpretation of life on the prairies. The sound infuses elements of bluegrass, folk and indie rock.

The making of the album did not come without its hurdles. Tracking began nearly two years ago in the band's home studio. With the bulk of the recording completed, the group was presented with a substantial set back. "I went down to the studio," says T.C. Young. "When I stepped through the door I put my foot in two inches of water." Although the group was lucky there was no major damage to equipment, the studio had to be completely gutted, leaving them with no place to continue the project.

The album was delayed further when the groups two main songwriters, Davy James and T.C. Young became fathers. "We went from having a studio and all the free time in the world, to tracking vocals in the living room during our kids nap time," says Young. "It's the first time I've ever had to track guitar with a baby literally at my feet" James pipes in.
Initially the group's two brothers, T.C. Young and Brett Young, had hoped their father Craig would contribute banjo to the album. "We grew up with the sound of Dad's banjo and bluegrass music going into our ears," says Brett. However, it wasn't meant to be. Before their father could track his part, he developed Focal Dystonia; a rare condition that causes the muscles of the hand to cramp, making it impossible to play. Although their father had written the part, it took T.C. two months to learn how to play the banjo, delaying the album's release even further.

The slow disintegration of the small town, the disappearance of the family farm, racism and coming of age in rural Saskatchewan are all topics at the heart of "Cruel Times". Time spent living in different regions of Canada has given the group a new perspective on their rural upbringing. "I know it sounds cliche" says James, "but after having left, it's hard to deny the fact that the prairies will always be home for us."

Drawing from influences such as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Blind Melon, Cuff the Duke, Blue Rodeo and the Jayhawks: Young James offers tightly packaged songs with meaningful content. The result is a unique sound with wide appeal.

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