The Y Brothers

A new name, a new brand, a new beginning for Y Brothers.

Y you say? More like Y not?!

"Y" is not only the first letter of the brothers Chris and Jay Yaholkoski, but ditto for drummer Celene Yohemas. Unlike the previous, but well-loved incarnation of the band (bluessmyth), Y Brothers shines a brighter spotlight on the beauty and bodaciousness of this talented trio.

Y Brothers competes where few bands can by embracing its competence with the complicated: audacious arpeggios, bombastic beats, un-rudimentary rhythms – always good for a sonic showcase. But while the crowd continues connecting with the band, Y Brothers wants to re-connect with its crowd by advancing the audience's aural experience.

Visceral videos complement the band's comprehensive catalog. It's now a "standard" feature of every live show, allowing fans to embrace the essence of sound and sight. Furthermore, the band practices participation: the blues rockers share intimate anecdotes behind the intellectual innuendos in its songs.

Y Brothers celebrates meticulous musicianship, lofty lyricism and a prodigious performance. That is why fans simply love this group. And Y Brothers, now more than ever, is always ready to show them Y!

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