Collin Raye

One of the true hitmakers of the 1990"s, Collin Raye still continues to crank out soulful, heartfelt material with the honesty and richness that is signature to his vocals on his newly formed label StarPointe Records.

His new "Selected Hits" CD that is now exclusively at Walmart contains 2 new songs, "A Soldier"s Prayer" and "Quitters". "A Soldier"s Prayer" rides that prevalent theme during wartime, but rather than beating a dead horse, this song takes a slightly different approach and states a truth to all of us, not just those in uniform, but that hope is alive and is strong and is Our Heavenly Father.

"Quitters" is just flat out inspirational delivered in fine vocal form and the hook is catchy. A solid song with a fantastic message. Collin says, "I"m a big fan of live material...and as a matter of fact, I"d like to see more live music released by country artists. These tracks featured the Salt Lake Symphony, an 80 piece orchestra, along with 4 more of my previous hits: "That"s My Story ", "Little Rock," "I Think About You," and "Love Me." and it made me wonder how they"d mock up the arrangement. It"s really a flawless presentation of the originals, but with a high energy exciting feel to the uptempo songs and an intimacy in the slower songs."

And if that is not enough, Collin recently contributed to the Newly Released Album, "Songs 4 Worship: Country" that was released on Oct. 2. This wonderful collection of songs from other artists besides Collin was co-produced by Teddy Gentry and Michael Curtis. Collin"s song on the album is "Get Up In Jesus Name" which is not only inspirational but will have you toe tapping and hand clapping to the music.

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