Bardic Form

Justin Song and Reece Runco draw inspiration from intense and exciting melodic riffs in folk and power metal, beautiful and lulling passages in classical and global music, as well as the inexplicable and untraceable expression that comes from playing an instrument. These elements become fused in what has been agreed to be a unique playing style and presentation. Bardic Form sought to play with a passion and energy that drove them to their unique sound. They were inspired by Celtic traditional tunes and sets, as well as Eastern European melodies and percussive rhythmic flavours. Justin and Reece have assembled and recreated sets of traditional tunes from other artists, as well as their own arrangements, in which they incorporate the Celtic low whistle. They have also incorporated percussive and rhythmic elements of flamenco style guitarists in order to add more texture to their sound. Another prominent aspect of their music is the incorporation of dynamics, which can be excellently portrayed by the acoustic guitar. They are continually pushing themselves to explore and experiment with their intuitive complementary styles, and each song is painstakingly crafted.

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