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Russ Dawson

The Beginning..

The sea was angry that day my friends.. The waves crashing in on the shoreline.. The blazing hot sun beating down. All of a sudden in the shallows, a huge seashell crashes into the sand.. Another wave rolls in and smashes it against a giant log. It bursts open.. For a few seconds it was as if the world stopped.. the anticipation of what could be inside this peculiar vessel, even made the birds flying by hold their breath. Then as the earth seems to start spinning again, like a phoenix from the flames, out of it rises the golden blonde hair of Russ Dawson.. Unsure of what he is, but much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in terminator.. he knew he had a purpose.. After stealing the clothes off some hippy on the beach, An old guitar floats up to his feet. He picks it up. From the moment he strummed the old rusted strings on that ancien excalibur.. His destiny was solidified.. And from that point on.. he, nor the world would ever be the same.

Years Later..

Years later he would meet another of his kind, a man named Morgan. An excellent friend as well as song writer. The 2 of them together would create pure musical gold. So with that talent they threw a few songs together.. and started searching for the next step. An easy step it would be because of another good friend met along their musical journeys.. a man simply named, Bud. A modern day wizard when it comes to mixing.. recording.. and anything technical. He was the final piece to the puzzle. It was the three of them together that made the music you have now at your fingertips. After turning a bedroom into a recording studio, and 2 long weeks of extremely late nights.. and several bottles of whisky. The E.P. was ready.

What’s Next?

We do not know what the future has in store for Russ Dawson.. But some things are certain.. He will not stop making new music and playing more shows and he will not give up until his music touches the ears of every single person on this long flat earth of ours.



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