Rellik is an award winning, multi-award nominated urban , Indigenous artist from Edmonton. Rellik decided to pursue Hip Hop at an early age and gradually developed over the years and has proudly shared the stage with childhood heroes such as Run DMC, Casual, as well as Canadian icons, Buffy St Marie and the Guess Who. Uncommon for hip hop artists he brings with him a full band and plays guitar , which he has done since childhood and is now implementing them in his live show and recordings, taking audiences by storm. He is a gifted wordsmith known for his quick-witted and gritty punch lines. Rellik is no stranger to adversity and develops his talent all the while raising his children and working full-time. From transcribing his emotions of gaining custody of his children, the sudden loss of his mother, or any political subject, his point always comes across crystal clear. As a seasoned performer with hundreds of performances, workshops, awards and award nominations, along with continued community involvement, there is much to look forward to in the coming days from Rellik.

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