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Paul Woida

Edmonton based up and coming musician Paul Woida is ready to explode into the scene with his new album release "The Healing." With a few aces up his sleeve, Paul has been training non-stop in his basement for one reason- to take the world by storm. After attending Grant MacEwan University for three years he graduated with two diplomas. One for Drum Set Performance and the other for Musical Composition. Having achieved high success in both he set out to write, record, and produce a full-length album, a dream of his since picking up a guitar in high school. He did it all from his basement with one microphone. All songs on the album are original and are arranged, orchestrated, performed and sung by Paul.

Having a variety of influences that drastically differ from one another, Paul has a really hard time trying to describe what his music sounds like. "When people ask my what my music sounds like I just say that it's melodic. I wrote my album around what I'd want to see in a live setting. I don't want to go see someone play two hours of the same thing. I want to see some slow songs, some fast songs, and some songs that are in between. So that's what I did for my album." Studying composition in college opened a door that revealed a whole world Paul didn't know existed inside of him. He always has music going on inside of his head and when it came to composition assignments he thought he had to dismiss it on the basis that it was either something he'd heard before and wasn't original. He thought he would have to try harder to come up with something good. One day he decided to go with what he was hearing inside of his head and after stepping back he realized it wasn't all that bad. His teacher told him he had an inherent ability to write and orchestrate and that his musical works would jump off the pages they were written on.

The first time Paul picked up the guitar he was able to figure out songs by ear having never played a single chord before in his life. Same thing with piano. He would tape the piano keys and colour code them as he needed. Among many influences, Paul is primarily influenced by film scorers. Various composers include James Newton Howard (King Kong, Hunger Games) James Horner (Titanic, Avatar) Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Knight) Thomas Newman (The Road To Perdition, Wall-e). Paul says, "Nothing sounds closer to perfection to me than a moving piece perfectly orchestrated and performed by an orchestra. Nothing is more emotive. Nothing sounds braver than a brass section and nothing pulls on your heart strings like a string section." Lyrically Paul is inspired by the Bible. It is his goal is to somehow join the worlds of film scoring and songwriting together in an effective way, mixing the larger than life scale and emotion displayed in an orchestra with the personal tendencies of lyrics, singing and contemporary instrumentation.

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