Element Theatre Company

Element Theatre Company is the brainchild of circumstance, passion and creativity. As a result a community theatre company dedicated to creating high quality performances was created. With well over 35 years of combined experience this dynamic team work in synergy to light up the stage.

The love of theatre and raw desire to create brought members of Element Theatre Company together. The fire and passion they help to create on stage is what sets them apart from others.

Greg Montemurro, a graduate of the University of Alberta, has been working in the theatre or film industry at some capacity for over 15 years. Whether it be a foley artist for a radio drama or a producer/director Greg loves it all. Over the last 6 years Greg has produced/directed 10 full length musicals and 10 one act musicals on professional stages. He is currently recovering from spinal surgery.

Laura Burdett, a graduate of the University of Alberta, has been working in the theater industry for well over 25 years. She has directed more than 21 professional shows with actors of all ages. Laura dives into every project with that "full steam ahead" mentality and she doesn't stop until the show wraps. Laura is currently writing and directing a variety show for teens.

Mandy Lawrence, a long time friend and supporter of Element Theatre Company, is a graduate of the University of Alberta, and has been dancing since she could walk and working in theatre since her early teens. Mandy has Stage Managed and Choreographed 7 major musicals and 7 one act plays. Currently Mandy is directing her first full length musical "Grease".

Element Theatre Company's mission is not to change the world, alter social paradigms or cause social upheaval. Rather, with every show their objective is very simple. Stage a show which allows the audience to leave the theatre with the inspiration to paint something, write a poem, pick up their dusty guitar, kiss their significant other a little more passionately, hug their child just a little bit longer, or to light a tiny spark. This is how Element Theatre gauges their success.

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