Amy van Keeken

Musician/songwriter/singer Amy van Keeken is based in Edmonton, Alberta. She performs solo or in any number of configurations (duo, trio, full band).

"Few artists bring a smile to my face more than Amy van Keeken. There is something about her voice which captivates me— holds me for ransom, really. And her look to the past is uncanny in that the music sounds as if it should be coming from an early fifties Philco radio set."
- Frank Gutch Jr. (No Depression)

"But most endemic to her artistry is her ability to capture a moment in time and bring you inside - her songs are simultaneously visceral and ethereal and as comfortable with chaos as they are silence."
-Natasha Fryzuk (The Secretaries, Yes Please Music Club)

Upcoming Events for Amy van Keeken

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· Oct · 25 Wed 8:00 pm
The Needle Vinyl Tavern presents Mappe Of & others at The Needle Vinyl Tavern (Edmonton)  on October 25, 2017
The Needle Vinyl Tavern presents Mappe OfAlternative / Folk with Amy van Keeken and Guests

at The Needle Vinyl Tavern
10524 Jasper Ave NW Edmonton, AB

Tickets: $5.00 in advance (e-ticket fee incl. $0.25 venue fee)
($2.24 e-ticket fee)

Tickets are in stock, but availability may be limited.

Some tickets also available at:
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Blackbyrd Myoozik
10442 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2