Amy van Keeken

Amy van Keeken releases her new album In Dreams September 8th. Indie folk/Alt pop

"Amy van Keeken is one of my absolute favourite songwriters. To me, she's right up there with Joni, Dolly, Gord and Neil. Un-rushed and sure-footed, her melodies are eminently singable and fluid, and they always stick. The songs on this album feel at times mysterious and cinematic - shaped by her perfectly distorted Stratocaster - as often as they are simple and direct. Her voice is sweet, warm and clear, like the narrator of a musical dreamscape.

Also, Come With Me is an absolutely perfect pop song. Fleetwood Mac would be jealous." - Colleen Brown

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· Nov · 28 Wed 6:00 pm
Homeless Women's Health and Dignity Fundraising Project: JamJar's Jam feat. Celeigh Cardinal & others at Aviary (Edmonton)  on November 28, 2018
at Aviary
9314 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

Tickets: $30.00 in advance, $35.00 at the door
($3.49 e-ticket fee)

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