Year of the Wolf

As Year of the Wolf is a band consisting of four members, Carson Webber, James Jeffrey, Kyle Vaughan, and Chad Gilmour who through fortuitous circumstances have been given the opportunity to not only create honest and passionate music but also develop strong friendships with each other. Their dynamic as collective musicians is undeniable, each drawing from their individual experiences and collaborating to create a unique sound.
Since forming in 2012 they have played on many stages throughout Vancouver though most notably at the 2014 Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival. Meeting in Vancouver in the summer of 2011, Kyle and Chad started Year of the Wolf as a two-piece guitar duo performing their first show in April 2012. The addition of drummer James came very shortly after and added a greatly anticipated rhythm foundation to the group. After playing as a trio for over a year the completion of Year of the Wolf was realized with bassist Carson, who offers the band an unprecedented musical knowledge.
Their musical identity is simple; four musicians who love music at any capacity and create songs that first and foremost they themselves personally enjoy. It is through this approach that they create music that is not confined by conventional ideas of genres. Honesty and integrity are crucial components of their music philosophy and the songs that they write and perform. As Year of the Wolf they are conscious not to isolate the audience but rather engage them through a performance that is inclusive as well as entertaining.

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