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Horn hooks to the face with a rhythm to make you shake! A collection of fist punching, barn burners with a calming swell of soul that will carry you from song to song. Hold on to your hats and glasses, you are about to go for the wildest ride in the West! Six guys from Edmonton who have played in multiple former bands together making music in their basement. In the vein of The Deadly Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt & The Gun Club, Wild Rose Orchestra is a blend of Rock, Blues, Ska, Country, Soul & Punk, mixed together on high, and baked until slightly dark. Featuring J.B.Good Vox/Guitar, Anarchy Adam Vox/Guitar, Mike Garth Sax, Mike Maydonik Trumpet, Tyson Stanton Drums/Keys/Vox, Matt GDC Bass.

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