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Sam Bradley

Sam Bradley has a distinct knack for writing an unforgettable song. His music meshes a combination of soul, folk, and rock - and the resulting sound continues to catch the ears of fans around the world.

Born in London, England, and educated everywhere from Hong Kong to Nashville, Bradley made his way to Canada five years ago. The less-than-anchored twenty-three year old, is a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” in the music world. He claims that his Canadian mother – Lee Lindsey - and friends were “always musical” and that “it didn’t feel like a challenge to start” learning to play.

It was at sixteen, that Bradley left school and “was working really rubbish jobs.” Picking up music, it seemed for him, was inevitable. The idea of being a singer, songwriter, and artist was born for Sam, and his mother bought him a guitar. Sam began recording songs on his computer and attending local open mic nights. But, it wasn’t until he turned eighteen that his love for music really took hold of him. Part of his inspiration came from observing fellow Londoner and close friend Marcus Foster at work, and, through learning the ropes by being a part of Lindsey’s band.

Inspired by his life’s experiences, influenced by musicians that catch his “heart, ears and feet,” and motivated by “general love,” Bradley chose the path of most resistance by becoming a musician. He hasn’t looked back since - except, that is, to occasionally appreciate the progress he’s made.

Initially, it was gritty, raw, and provocatively honest songs like “Is Love Enough,” “Paradise,” and “You Think You’re Free (Part of the Problem)” that caught the attention of his earliest listeners. Regarded as “the real thing,” Sam Bradley began his fledgling days as a recording artist, unaware he should be suiting up for oncoming, widespread popularity.

In 2008, came the Twilight soundtrack. His song “Too Far Gone” - a “gentle compliment to the dinner scene” – was a track he co-wrote with the film’s leading male star Robert Pattinson. It made its way onto the films soundtrack via Pattinson’s version entitled “Never Think.” The soundtrack reached the number one spot on Billboard charts, and the entire Twilight movement reached a pop-cultural status of undeniable proportions – all of it revoked Bradley’s anonymity while providing the jumping off point to begin production on his first formal release.

Bradley recorded the first portion of his new self-titled EP at Bakerstreet Studios in Vancouver, and in February, 2009, recorded the second part in Paris at Aktion studios in Montmartre just behind the Moulin Rouge. “I don’t think I’m going to have a home base,” said Sam in an interview soon after recording. “I think my home base is in people, not really a place.” That wandering mindset bode well for Bradley in the summer of 2009, when he embarked on a whirlwind tour of the United States. Reviews from across the country took note of his on-stage demeanor and musings. Old and new fans alike praised his intellect and wit along with his intuitive sensitivity and respect for himself and others. At home in people, it seems, is exactly where Bradley is on the road.

Bradley’s first EP was released on August 29, 2009. Included on the already sold-out, limited release are songs such as “Sea Blue,” which has received over 300,000 plays on his MySpace page - a MySpace page that is currently just shy of one million song streams. Shortly before the release of the EP, the music video for “Sea Blue” was unveiled. It portrayed solidarity of Bradley’s, and was a lovely visual accoutrement to the strength and wisdom found in the lyrics and vocals of the song.

Now, Bradley is set to embark on tour. The stage, perhaps the one place he’d admit as his home base. In the fall of 2009, comes a two month tour of North America and Sam will continue to do what he does best, deliver his music live. With cherry-picked song precision, Bradley’s live performances are a mixture of charming anecdotes and cultural affluence – a colorful array of both potent originality and diversity – and they are, like Sam, completely unforgettable.- (bio by Amanda Bell, 2009).

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