Wild Roses

Wild Roses--whose music has been described as Americana, country-rock, alt-rock, or just good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll--features Marc Orrell (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica and accordion), Gavin Caswell (lap steel, slide guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and vocals), Jazz Limbo (bass guitar, songbird) and Evan Breese (drums).

Look for Wild Roses to perform songs including "Don't Try This At Home," "Caravan Heartache," "Leave It Alone," "Pine Mountain Heights," and "Somethin' To Eat".

Before forming Wild Roses, Marc spent nearly a decade as a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist for Dropkick Murphys and later played with The Black Pacific (featuring former Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg). After a late night of drinking and jamming with lap steel enthusiast (and The Black Pacific bassist) Gavin earlier this year, the idea for Wild Roses bloomed over a discussion about the sounds that they were influenced by and a musical trinity they sometimes referred to as "The three Rs" – the Rolling Stones, Replacements and Ryan Adams.

Once the hangovers had cleared, Marc and Gavin decided they didn't want this to be just another one of those brilliant plans formed in the dawn and forgotten by dusk. They searched Los Angeles to gather more "wild roses" and found them in the form of Evan (drums) and Jazz (bass).

According to Marc, the newly formed caravan of four "pledged an oath to spread their joy with tunes that they hope will leave a trail of spilled drinks, dancing and smiles through tears. Music to help stave off the loneliness and keep the demons at bay...Songs to listen to on that long drive home to your loved one."

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