Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick spins casual conversation into poetic portraits of rural life, and of every gravel road off toward distant city skylines. A wordsmith of the wilderness, whose vivid characters reveal the subtle sophistication of rural ethos; she rolls her own smokes, chops her own wood and beams with the satisfaction of self-sufficiency. Ali's signature spunk lures listeners into worlds of well worn love, making ends meet, double dog dares and casting your cares away at the local fishing hole.

A mechanic of the heart, Ali twists all its nuts and bolts; shifting gears melodically and rhythmically through her fine-tuned collection of songs. Her distinct phrasing hints at hip-hop and jazz influences, while solidly grounded in folksong narrative. Ali often connects with her many songwriter friends along the highway and collaborates for group concerts regularly. Roaring and purring with fearless vocal veracity; Ali's brilliant, boundless spirit spills from the stage as she creates an unwavering bond with the audience.

Known as the 'Lioness Of Lanark County' Ali McCormick is originally from Lavant Station, a tiny bush community tucked within the Lanark Highlands of Ontario. Raised on an off-grid subsistence farm where artistic expression knew no bounds; she developed creative sensibilities, intimacy with nature and fiery independence rare for her generation. She hit the dirt driveway in her teens, heading to the big city lights of Toronto and Vancouver. Between her hundreds of yearly performances across Canada, she now makes her home on Amherst Island, just off Kingston's Lake Ontario coastline. Returning to her rural roots, she lives in a cozy off-grid cabin on a sheep farm, where she works nursing baby lambs, shearing wool and other chores between her many road adventures.

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Ali McCormick
Sasquatch Gathering 23 Featuring Ali McCormickFolkPart of: Sasquatch Gathering 23 with Celeigh Cardinal and Tippy Agogo and Jay Gilday Band, Wildwood, and more

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