Al Lukas

“As an artist I’ve seen and heard my music change over the years, in order to make a living in the arts. Playing in Ontario based bluegrass, rock, pop, swing, blues, and soul bands has allowed me to cultivate a unique songwriting style by incorporating all of these genres to suit the lyrics and the mood that a song, or setting, calls for. While my earliest point of reference is Northern Ontario, my second homes across the province have also shown me the importance in remaining true to my down to earth roots, while keeping an honest vision as an artist. My travels across Canada have allowed me to broaden my horizons lyrically and musically as my experiences continue to grow with the encounters I’m met with onstage while on the road. I pursue my art because it never felt as if I had a choice. My previous occupations were but vessels for new songs and fuel for the fire I’ve kept lit since my first introduction to the stage in my early teenage years.”

- Al Lukas

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