A Hundred Years

Martian anthropologist Jeremiah Simmons met Captain Gingerbeard Fantastiwicz on a pirate dock in the year 1766 while time traveling on a little planet called Earth. He noticed Captain Gingerbeard had a knack for banging his limbs against objects to create different sounds and timbres. He decided to abduct the pirate and to conduct an experiment with him by bringing him to the year 2012 where there was a plethora of fine quality drum kits. Thus the duo "A Hundred Years' was born. One day at a Cannabis Festival, they ran into Patrick Gibson, the sole inheritor of Gibson Guitars. Patrick was completely loaded with money and Jeremiah and Captain Gingerbeard decided to squander his money by telling him he was a good bass player. From that day on, they decided to be an unstoppable trio and to enlighten the earthlings with their psychedelic grunge music. Together with the powers of Moldavite and the parasitic need to feed off human energy, they travel the loneliest of bedraggled places, such as Alberta, in hopes to elevate their consciousness into a blissful nirvana.

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