Grounded Star

Grounded Star fuses the energy of punk rock, the complexity of progressive rock, and the thick heavy textures of hard rock music to come up with their own unique blend of heavy progressive rock music.

Grounded Star's destined existence began at a back to school keg party in 2007, when Mitch (guitar/piano) approached Ryan (vocals/guitar) about starting a heavy rock band. Later that fall they began to write. Searching a bass player and drummer proved fruitless until the summer of 2008 when Chris was added on the drums, and Greg was added on the bass guitar, completing the current lineup of Grounded Star.

As the band continually works on new material, they are often found playing shows to raise money for the recording of their debut EP. Less than 1 year old, the band has watched their popularity grow, and earned stellar reviews from fans and fellow bands on the live shows that they have performed.

In summer of 2009, due to some outside conditions outside of their control, Mitch and Grounded Star parted ways, leaving the three piece that now exists as Grounded Star. Since the new change in membership, Grounded Star has grown their sound to include more of their diverse influences, and focused on making sure that every time they take the stage, it's a little different, but just like it's always been, the energy is off the charts every second of every show.

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